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In House, Shop Steel Welding and Structural Fabrication

Jackrabbit Fabrication has a complete facility in order to handle all of your structural welding and shop welding needs.  Our team of professional D1.1 certified welders and setup fitters produce the best quality weldments and structural beam welding.  Our clients are all about saving time and money by having the majority of their structural projects handled in-house.  With our automated equipment, we have each weldment done within specifications, packaged carefully, and shipped to site in the same condition it leaves our bench.  Each structural welding system comes with complete quality documentation to support your project specifications.

Structural Welding in Shop
Shop Structural Steel Weldment

Other than structural welding, we handle plate fabrication for all types of industrial – commercial equipment and applications.  Our industrial CNC capabilities makes quick work of precision machining. We always take great care of our products to protect them from the elements during shipping. Plasma cutting torches, oxy-acetylene torches, angle grinders, portabands, welding machines, bandsaws and sanders are just a few of the Jackrabbit equipment capabilities.  Whether you’re looking to have American Welding Society (AWS) or any other structural code work performed, we’re always here to support your project.  For an on-time quality product, give us a call today.

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Jackrabbit Fabrication is a supplier of plate steel and steel shapes.  We supply companies with all different size angle iron, flat stock, round stock, square stock, square tubing, and so much more.  With all different types of base material available, we can have anything from carbon through aluminum shipped to your site or shop in short order.  Get your material when you need it, and save room and time on material handling by calling us today.

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Join our growing list of clients such as: Bodell Construction, NPSG Global, and Culver Equipment

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