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Shop Pipe Welding and Fabrication of Pipe Spools

Here at Jackrabbit Fabrication, we have the complete facility to handle all of your pipe welding and fabrication needs.  With our team of expert welders and professional pipe fitters, your project will be constructed and shipped to your site per plan specifications.  Save time and money by having it done the Jackrabbit way.  Our automated piping system in-house allows us to get the job done faster and more efficient than the leading competition.  All of our in-house spools will be handled and packaged with care to ensure a perfect product when it arrives on site.  Each piping system comes with quality documentation to assure the conformance to your engineering specifications.

Threaded Anchor Bolts

As a supplier of piping parts, components, and couplings, we distribute individual piece as well as bulk orders to customers around the country.

Shop Welding and Fabrication of Pipe Spools

In addition to pipe welding, we also handle screw piping and threaded piping for all types of commercial and industrial applications.  Our industrial in-house threading machine makes quick work of all your pipe threading needs. We make sure to cap off all pipe ends and protect them from the elements for shipping.

Our in-house capabilities are limitless.  We have CNC capabilities, plasma torches/cutters, oxy-acetylene torches, angle grinders, bandsaw, portabands, welding machines, and sanders, to name a few.  Whether you’re looking to have AWWA, ASME, API or any other code work performed, we’re here to support your project efficiently and on-time.

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Join our growing list of clients such as: Bodell Construction, NPSG Global, and Culver Equipment

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