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Field and On Site Structural Welding and Steel Fabrication

Excellent on-site fabrication and installation of D1.1 structural steel systems is what Jackrabbit Fabrication is all about. The skilled Jackrabbit team produces quality steel weldments and structural welding. We have the on-site experience and zero OSHA or MSHA recordables, which sets all of our client’s minds at ease. Our experience in structural systems are for on-site in mining operations, refineries, power plants, tank farms, process facilities, chemical facilities, water treatment, and waste water treatment plants.

Jackrabbit SMAW Welding on-site
Jackrabbit Field Welding

Being on-site at a client’s operations means always keeping an eye out for safety issues. Each structural welding crew at Jackrabbit Fabrication, has safety meetings at the start of each and every shift. This time is when the team makes absolutely sure the proper PPE is being used for every task.  All Jackrabbit employees will properly fill out a JHA and identify any potential safety hazards surrounding their project.  Personal Protective Equipment is always the last line of defense, and it’s Jackrabbit’s priority to address any safety concerns to mitigate potential hazards. Safety is the primary top priority for Jackrabbit Fabrication at any location. We live by the motto, “Be your brother’s keeper.” Each employee from helper to the top, has the right to stop work authority.

Field and On-site structural welding and steel systems require precision field measurements.  Our quality of structural and plate welding is done according to engineering code standards. The Jackrabbit Fabrication structural team is certified for all positions under AWS D1.1 structural code. Whether you’re looking for on-site piping supports, tank supports, or heavy iron welding, the Jackrabbit team will be sure to have it right. Our quality is our pride, and the dedication of the Jackrabbit field crew is exemplified within the work they perform.

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