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Field and On Site Pipe Welding and Spool Fabrication

Superior on-site fabrication and installation of welded pipe spools and systems is what Jackrabbit Fabrication is known for. The quality of craftsmanship you can expect from the Jackrabbit crew is bar none. Our team has the on-site experience and the zero incident safety record to make all of our clients satisfied. We have experience on-site in mining operations, power plants, refineries, tank facilities, process plants, chemical plants, waste water treatment, water treatment, and pipeline installations.

Safety first for Jackrabbit Fabrication
Process Facilities

A large aspect of being on customer site property and projects is having the correct P.P.E. and operating in a safe manner. All crews for Jackrabbit Fabrication have safety meetings at the beginning of every shift. This is the time to express and identify any potential safety hazards to help mitigate the risk of injury on site. Since PPE is the last line of defense, it is Jackrabbit’s priority to address these issues before hand. Safety is the number one priority for Jackrabbit Fabrication everywhere. Our employees are mandated to wear personal protective equipment at all times while in the workplace. We live by the motto to be our brother’s keeper, and everyone has the right to stop work authority. Safety first for Jackrabbit Fabrication

On-site welding and piping systems require exact field measurements and that is what we’re known for. The Jackrabbit Fabrication pipe fitters and rigging crew are on point. You’ll never have to worry about pipe stress or out of tolerance pipe runs with Jackrabbit’s experienced crews. We take pride in our work, and the dedication of our team will be reflected in the quality of craftsmanship you can expect from us.

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