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Structural Welding and Steel Plate Fabrication

Structural steel welding is what Jackrabbit Fabrication handles consistently for clients across the country.  Whether the project requires on-site or in-house fabrication, Jackrabbit will make the best quality weldments required for the project.  We use FCAW wire up to .052 for all positions and larger diameters for in shop weldments when necessary.  Our certified welders qualify under D1.1 for structural applications in FCAW and SMAW depending on your project parameters.

Structal Plate Welding
Structural Plate

As normal for all Jackrabbit Fabrication projects, we provide full quality documentation to support the work was constructed in accordance to engineering code specifications.  These requirements include confirmation of employee qualifications, the type of material used, and QA steps taken to prove code compliance.  All items are protected from the elements prior to shipping and will arrive on-time.

We service all types of commercial and industrial industries with structural weldments.  Jackrabbit Fabrication handles structural steel maintenance for aging plants and facilities.  Our on-site mobile welding team will be sure to have the job done right!  For more information on Jackrabbit Fabrication click here.

A Few of Jackrabbit Fabrication’s Trusted Clients

Join our growing list of clients such as: Bodell Construction, NPSG Global, and Culver Equipment

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